The trouble with leaving home

I have not known this place until now
how the Earth seems to settle at dusk
and my silence is a disguise for a circus of thoughts
and intense contemplation. Seeking answers
as to what may live beyond the boundaries of comfort
guilt from frivolously accepting this as a condition of life
where my years have passed without tragedy
the days have been often alone, but not lonely
the middle of life, pensive without sadness
blooming without seasons. They say
my home is the country of empty promises
where everything is for sale, including our hearts.
Maybe it is true, maybe flight predicts the safest landing
but today I would sell my soul for contradictions
and a bit more time lost in the American dream.


Saying Goodbye To Home

I lived in objects until they became voices
in the corners of every wall, and we woke
to understand that memories could contour
without letting go, indispensable partners in life,
mocks us in physical matter, until the humbleness unravels
at the sound of footsteps passing by.

I thought I was the only one to carry these babies
that space deserved no credit,
the warmth of a given setting was a consequence
of a secondary movement,
that feet grew through the floors in given years
the alignment of faces and windows,
smiles in how we counted growth, measuring sunshine,
your youthful beads of hair took hours to
be forgotten, this floor called to you to
crawl, this ceiling called to you to stand
my body was nothing when the door called
to you to run, to find a place behind my eyes
where you could whisper dreams, sleep
and wake to the kindness of morning light.

It lived inside, matter, where people grow into
bodies of flesh, thoughts and years to piece together
stories, that you knew me here and we talked of other places
never wanting to leave the one we knew.

Leaving Home

I believe there was jumping on multiple legs
at one time epic falls in the corners of years
playing with milestones from the pages of books
they have flown away to join the guardians
of antiquity. In hesitation, I sell my own memories
even my footsteps forgetful of their triumphs.

Head to head with these walls
hearing voices
I engrave your names
before I cannot call these boundaries your home
you knew me even before the air recognized the shape of our lives
look at you all on multiple legs
following me out for new beginnings.