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Colors of the Earth

How much beauty there is even in the bare tree reaching out for answers before it is covered in the colors of itself a unique life lives patient and dormant and watchful, the human search for food from its parent … Continue reading

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Inevitable Hibernation

The sun rises and falls with a certain repetitive grace these days. The darkness disappearing with the recollection of dreams and entering once again from the outskirts of our minds’ secrets. Today there will be perfect harmony of day and … Continue reading

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Hollow Tree

The daydream crackles and turns, shutters glass, plates, translucent ideas, they are eerie through his window panes rays, truth, memorable demons tend to occupy empty space, befriend the morning and play games with the hollow tree. There is something inside, … Continue reading

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I wake. There is beauty. It is not the grandiose type of beauty you imagine. The distorted reality of a passing cliché. In a golden sunrise along the horizon. A gentle sweetness in the morning bird’s song. That window’s edge. … Continue reading

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The Children Call

Where will the children take us? Today, I planned to look past the hollow tree did not consider the night animals and how they take slumber beyond perfection the spider and his handiwork I failed to recognize the smell of … Continue reading

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Upon the Coming of Winter

I must believe in the wisdom of this Earth. The coming of Winter. That ecstasy will often weep upon the forgetfulness of dreams. A rise to come without a lightened gaze. For we are such of what comes along with … Continue reading

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All that I thought I knew is nothing of what I knew yesterday. What was hidden underneath is unjustly silent in the presence of time. The caterpillar in the infancy of its cycle, Nestles promptly underneath the comfort of a … Continue reading

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