To exist and exist again

I am beautiful in the context of this sentence
in reflection (and all other avenues of misconception)
winter’s cold, the harshness takes it toll on fantasy
the escape cracks, coarse, pebbled under heavy ice
this life may not hold charms or even choices
only the nature of fools to think otherwise
I witness my parcels, your particulars melt, freeze
some fools never know the state of contentment
only that some abstract passion exists in the body
and the mind, the stubborn mind, going back, finding itself in reflection
forgetting itself for the sake of preservation.

2 thoughts on “To exist and exist again

  1. JCy says:

    Hi, I hope your Holidays were enjoyable.

    I love the poem. I’m always weary about contentment, where does it really take me? A false sense of preservation where everything is not what it seemed?

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