my son at the end of a love story

he weeps
solitary, dark
without knowing what
others will think
when he comes into his body.

he watches
the lovers embrace,
separate and then imagine what life
would have been like
had they not been torn apart.

I tell him
be a man focus on strength
continue dropping those heavy tears.
the women who will know you
will thirst at the thought of your love.

it rains again and again in my mind
at the thought of his tears
moistening the ground
of our dry, neglected Earth.

here he is trying to play the song from the end of this film.
can you guess the movie?


4 thoughts on “my son at the end of a love story

  1. Mine just turned 10 and though he is still a good ways from this poem (has yet to hear the FACTs of life!!), I have thought – with pain – that one day he will grow up and have his heart crushed. It can impact you for years. =(

    • Agreed. I often wonder how I will cope with my children’s heartbreaks later in life. It’s painful even now with all the social nuances they struggle with in these preteen years!

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