Colonizing Relationships

I loved not knowing you for those longs legs
of time, of distance in thought
pulled you out of an abstract ocean
for new tastes.

Commodity is a flower of comfort
you thought meant love
transcendence in the highlight of company.

I am the new age, the colonizer of body and ideas.
Translation is loud, thought is a catalyst to movement.

I continue to reproduce, reap from the gardens I find
pull bodies from the oceans we buried them in.

Graves are the honors we dig.

I came to you puzzling words. Translation is loud,
I expected you to find the pieces
of my body.

the passages of suffering are thundering in your eyes

until I become your speaker, your menacing clouds

we prostrate together side by side irrespective of Gods
claiming answers.
you prostrate to your world for all it knows of pain.
I hold the weight of my head.
I know what my people have done.


6 thoughts on “Colonizing Relationships

  1. sanberdooboy says:

    there are some strong lines in this poem. “Graves are the honors we dig,” is powerful (and true and appalling), as is the closing line “I know what my people have done.” and that is a burden for us, isn’t it? i love the righteous anger.

    • Kate Houck says:

      Humbled as usual by your thoughtful comments, Michael.

      It is a burden certainly and an obligation to speak and act on behalf of those whose voices are not heard, in the context of history and the present time.

      All the best, Kate

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