Human Allegiance

If I am given a life to write in divided breaths
let the country be a place for solitude
engagement be a place for growth
here we will reproduce, give birth to healthy
words, feast from the medleys of home
wake upon something else, other than life and its falsities.

my country, buried in allegiance
hiding from the cleanliness of rain
why wrap yourself in satisfaction
creating temples of time without hours to heal.

the orphan, many without a safe home in this barren world
unwrapped among our gifts borrowed for show
my children who have nothing of want
mouths of vanity before they even speak of need.

I pledge allegiance to fantasy, an unknown country
where the holidays are prayers and peace is beyond my borders
new friends I meet among those I don’t know,
they are just names being recognized in human form,
titles of new forgiveness in our unforgiving world.


17 thoughts on “Human Allegiance

  1. 5h2o says:

    This bears rereading and contemplating. I think, too, how lovely it would be to retreat into privacy and beauty. But, alas, conscience …. and all the orphans, as you point out.

  2. JC says:

    Many things will be written about the times we live in but I think your poem says it all for me. And yes, we must have time to retreat into ourselves, I couldn’t survive without it.

  3. Carol A. Hand says:

    You have elegantly interwoven the challenges of these times, Kate – peace to reflect and share what you learn, mindfulness of both beauty and suffering, and a heart than remains allied to the well-being of all people rather than to imperialistic nations.

    • Kate Houck says:

      You have such insight into the meaning of this poem. You have brought to life the messages I hoped to convey (and the concerns tearing me apart inside). Thank you Carol for being a warrior for the heart and for justice. Much love, Kate

  4. AB says:

    Good one Kate, here is radically alternative view 🙂

    allegiance to a place,
    where a chance birth
    made us citizens,
    aliens, denizens,
    by a matter pure luck
    humanity is species
    earth being home
    we duck and duck
    until responsibility
    catches on

      • AB says:

        Thank you so much for the kind encouragement 🙂 I hope we do realise this before it is too late…unfortunately at least it seems that we are perhaps getting more xenophobic and inward looking day by day!!

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