The Night is Getting Darker

Mama needs to write what belongs to someone else.
She needs to come apart at the seams that hold the waist so tight,
that the air becomes trapped between the branches and the roots.

Has she repeated the words to herself so many times
that they have become nameless. The mother she became
on the eve of this century’s demise
will follow her in blood to a lesser civilization.

Tonight the lights dim, flicker and close
leaving the road, her pathway from home to death—
it is dark, nameless
the sky is devoid of stars.


About Kate Houck

Educator. Human. Poet. Seeking truth through experience.
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9 Responses to The Night is Getting Darker

  1. Was this poem inspired by politics?

  2. JC says:

    I’m with you on this one. It is indeed very dark.

  3. 5h2o says:

    Grieving today. Thank you for putting into works.

  4. sanberdooboy says:

    kate, your opening line grabs me. then follows the powerful image of “She needs to come apart at the seams that hold the waist so tight,…” the ending provides an apocalyptic vision. you say in poetry what so many are feeling right now, working in the tradition of poet as a truth teller.

    • Kate Houck says:

      Michael, I am so sorry to just be reading this comment. I must have missed the notification. I appreciate your thoughtful response. Those apocalyptic visions are intensifying day by day!

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