This Dance Made History

I live in the house of the child
where the windows are open, the doors ajar
to welcome the voices of spirits and strangers
stranger things brought once again to life.

she holds a supernatural grip on my expectations for sanity
choosing to embrace the voices of ghosts, it is hypnotic
I must say, as they sing—
so much so I am unable to dance
to the sound of any other song, give music to a new life.
“baby every couple does their own dance. they make it work.”
(growing into a familiar body of mistakes.)
physical space. dancing with the same ghosts
fancying unrequited love.

oh, the human, so weak, so fragile, like me
kindling the repetition of history
the fall of the empire is bound to come—
dance, dance again
before my sullen, clumsy crash.


About Kate Houck

Educator. Human. Poet. Seeking truth through experience.
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11 Responses to This Dance Made History

  1. Wow, this is dreamy, Kate.

  2. Stirring poem Kate. Poignant and unsettling for me, especially with the last line.

    • Kate Houck says:

      Thanks for sharing the feelings it ignited. Would it make more sense if I explained it’s about reliving your parents mistakes in your own relationship. My mother is the one speaking between the quotes…which makes it even spookier than the Halloween season 😉

  3. sheldonk2014 says:

    I love even more now that you explain it
    baby every couple does their own dance
    I can hear her voice
    Great piece
    Excellent work
    As always Sheldon

  4. JC says:

    “Growing into a familiar body of mistakes”… I love that line and so true! great poem.

  5. sanberdooboy says:

    for me your poem captures a reality: the mix of lovely dreams, music, and dancing as the empire crumbles. your powerful images suggest much in few words. impressive!

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