The God of Fall

Please God give me time for poetry.
I am fantasizing about words intimately woven together on knotted threads.
Hypocrisy to only be bright on your way to death.
Can I make their suffering less by suffocating this vision?
My eyes as innocent as a sponge.
This world is never too much.
Too much for love.
Too much for the Fall.
Too much for the inevitable.
Frame this world in a moment of color
for those who can no longer see beauty.
In the end you tell me they will meet you.
You can show them this other side of life
so often vibrant in color.



7 thoughts on “The God of Fall

  1. This is wonderful. I’m having trouble writing the best lines because there are so many! But here goes and I paraphrase This world is never too much, for love, for the Fall, the inevitable… That rings so true for me.

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