The Turning Point

I rarely post about this election. In fact, I find it painful to think about most of the time. I’ve reached a point where the realities seem surreal, where the hate surfacing and being projected upon innocent people and communities makes me feel as we’ve fallen back decades as a nation. Suddenly, I am faced with undeniable truths—that we, as humans, never learn and become enemies of our own destinies, coerced so easily to fear for the sake of someone’s greedy agenda.

I am blessed to have been given a life filled with diversity—of experiences, friends and loves. I learn from children everyday who are innocent enough to want to change the world. Let them live in a world where they will be given the chance. Let us live in a world where people who are struggling as much as we are, many even more so, are given open doors to our hearts and our homes.

We are at a turning point this November. Make it a turning point, not a tipping point. Step forward. Vote and vote wisely. Use both wisdom and common sense. Evil fueled by fear can win and will win without a collective effort to decide otherwise.

#SavetheDayVote #Unite


20 thoughts on “The Turning Point

    • Kate Houck says:

      It is about both. There are two issues at hand here. We have a problem because only a small fraction of our eligible population votes. The other issue is about making a conscious, thoughtful decision. Clinton is not my ideal candidate, to say the least. However, if enough people vote for a third party candidate, Trump will win. The third party candidate will not win. We saw this happen in Florida when Nader took almost 100,000 votes. It cost Gore the election and gave it Bush. We are still feeling the devastating effects of his presidency. Bush is nothing compared to Trump.

      I apologize, but I find it very irresponsible when there is such a dangerous person running for office that people cannot swallow their pride and do what is best for the future of the country.

      My apologies, but this is my opinion. I feel like I need to express it because so many lives are on the line. Not the time to play with fire…

  1. Mary Tang says:

    I also believe that everyone who is eligible should vote – must vote – even if it’s for the wrong guy (then they get what they deserve and may become wiser the next time around).

  2. reocochran says:

    I liked this very much. Thank you, Kate. 🙂 I have decided the candidate who is the leader of two evils and my family are pretty much in agreement: 88 year old mother, 36 year old daughter, two brothers, SIL, DIL and my son. We feel sure we are choosing someone who won’t be irrational nor totally ignorant on politics and policies. Smiles, Robin

  3. sanberdooboy says:

    Amen! If the image of a presidential candidate furiously “tweeting” in the night hateful comments about a young woman isn’t enough to scare people into voting, probably nothing will.

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