Birthday Party (Armed with American Pride)

I see rational shadows
behind this man, the builder of fire
he has made a home and made you
a fixture of silence holding the door
call it his fortress, built by the blood of what is
made in the USA
the average body armed with fear.

The lonely roads of this New Hampshire town
ringing out with the sound of fire
children hiding behind the trees
camouflage dressing the mind
and the women silent above death
until it knocks on their own front doors.


11 thoughts on “Birthday Party (Armed with American Pride)

    • Thank you. Quite ironic how our fear of violence makes us become what we fear.
      This was inspired by an actual birthday party I attended this weekend for a friend of my son’s. I came to learn the family had a stockpile of weapons, even those the children are allowed to use. I guess I am completely naive as to how many people own weapons, even those I know. It was the father’s reasoning that shocked me more (crazy notions of the government being out to get him, etc.) People’s vulnerabilities and brainwashing being used to make money off of 😦

      I’ve been really disturbed ever since that night…hence the poem.

  1. This is indeed powerful. It’s crazy to think that many people fear the government is coming for them so they have the excuse to bear arms.

  2. It is so sad that many people have lost trust in their government. What happened? How to stop it and restore the peace of mind? All my youth, I have lived in a fear of my government. People disappeared in the early hours of the morning, and the walls had ears. Both my great grandfathers were executed, the lives of many family members were shattered. This fear has crippled our personalities. I am so lucky to live in the country where people are only afraid of financial decisions of the government. Phew, it doesn’t bother me 🙂

    • Having legitimate fear of your own government must be horrific, as what you explained from your youth. I’m glad as an adult you are not living that anymore. My take on what’s going on in the states is different. I think the corporations that now have control of the government are financially benefitting from people’s fear. Gun corporations are benefitting globally from instilling fear. With all the weapons people now own, they are only killing each other, not protecting themselves from the government.

      • Would be ridiculous to believe that the weapons can protect from the government. Corporations own us, that is true. How long will it last? People have no money for all the offered goods and services. Economy is in danger because of the greed. Corporations are our true enemies.

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