I want to write you into life
the one I want
your humble fragility jumping inside of piercing eyes
my complemented voice, my requited gaze
I have lived through people, body and soul, raised my own
and they still grow climbing above
my confused sense of what the ideal should be
talking in metaphorical needs, fighting much needed sleep
if it should pass in the night and doesn’t, God must be
my reliance on this One, as I abstract my mind
in tangled fiction—anything could be real
the state of the world is evidence
of that and it won’t sleep, please sleep
every window pane, every mirror
every piece of plated glass is him, his image
the one I want but cannot have
a figment of my beautiful, impossible imagination.


10 thoughts on “Him

  1. the first line is excellent and provides the theme that the poem explores. my favorite line: “of that and it won’t sleep, please sleep”–it’s as if your voice has jumped out of the poetic voice into pure emotion. but there are so many strong lines in the poem. (terrible, isn’t it, how suffering can feed poetry?)

    • Thank you for your kindness, Michael. Thankfully poetry is a place to channel those emotions. I think it alleviates the suffering a bit, a least for a time… 🙂

  2. You write with such grace and clarity. Its like you open up your heart for a moment. Very brave, thank you for sharing this, I love it!

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