Cape Cod Discoveries

It was a beautiful weekend in my world. Flowers in bloom, clear skies to enjoy from sun-up to sunset and some unexpected surprises popping up amidst all of this springtime beauty.

I couldn’t resist sharing with you all—my fellow blogger friends. Check out these neat discoveries from my weekend on “the Cape”.

no herring for you
A friendly local pointed us in the direction of “the herons running” (as we heard it). Then to find the even stranger phenomenon of fish running upstream 🙂

chatham library find
an awesome find at the library book sale!

punishments old school
the good old days

…and of course the scent of wild roses blooming along a sandy shoreline

Regards to everyone wherever you are in the world today! Kate


2 thoughts on “Cape Cod Discoveries

  1. The Cape’s my favorite place in the world. Have you been to Scargo Tower? Great place to see the sun setting over a freshwater lake, trees beyond it, the bay beyond that, and oh yeah the entire continent beyond that. Cool.

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