Sweet aroma of life come forth for us to know you.
Sweet dust of day cover us so we can forget ourselves.
Sweet silence of night let us fiddle with the absence of dialogue.

I say goodnight.
I say goodnight to hesitation asking it to greet the atmosphere
in its demise.
I say goodnight to monotonous ideas
awakened restless, elderly in destiny.
I say goodnight because you have spoken of passionate touch
and I can wait until tomorrow.
we have all been uprooted from familiar (even if only in the mind)
I say goodnight to you,
lone, wild, the iris in purple screams
ripe with sun
she says goodnight, sleep well monotony
encourage the herrings to run
the hesitant folk are nostalgic for their insanity
as am I
this is where I sleep with memories
the colorful day, hopeful for colorful dreams
I say goodnight to you, the one who reminds me of purple
and painted lips
so bright next to the blackbird even with her eyes closed.


8 thoughts on “Harwich

  1. sanberdooboy says:

    the poem creates for me a mood of righteous anger, a sense of indignation. the opening sets the tone, with the first line welcoming the “sweet aroma of life,” but the second line asks to be covered with dust “so we can forget ourselves,” and the third for silence in order to “fiddle with the absence of dialogue.” the persona of the poem channels the anger and frustration of many in these troubled times.

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