For the unheard voices

The voice of my country. the voice of reality.
The voice of different borders. the voice of malleable colors.
The voice of liberation
rooted in the whispers of collaborative despair.
(the voice of choice is an illusion
for the ones who think their choices are without consequence)
The choice to take what is made by empty bodies. the choice to wear vanity,
a blinding idol tipped backward on the edge of a sharpened knife.

The choice to bleed without blood when voices cry
one, two, three
sorrowful child playing with the voices of lofty ghosts.


11 thoughts on “For the unheard voices

    • Kate Houck says:

      Carol, thank you for the thoughtful response. Grateful and humbled to have this poem read by you, someone who listens and shares on behalf of those unheard voices.

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