Concert of Faiths

I am drawing hearts for the world
I am dancing on clichés like a child
Let me be a colloquial mess for a while on this journey
Togetherness, though fleeting, is my fool’s illusion
Let me swim in ignorance tonight

The songs rang from their mouths like a people’s army
who fought to know one another by name for the first time
and there You were staged for the final order.
You said be and it was.
You told us to kill the pain and we did.


4 thoughts on “Concert of Faiths

  1. the opening line creates a positive image in my head. and I enjoy the phrase “colloquial mess.” in the second stanza the tone shifts to martial with “army…fought…final order…kill.” it’s interesting to think about the relationships between the two stanzas.

    • This was actually written after being part of an interfaith concert. It was a very moving experience having the solidarity of many faiths through music and song. The poem represents my longing to have it continue, to erase the pain of so much conflict.

      Thank you for the thoughtful response!

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