Colors of the Earth

How much beauty there is
even in the bare tree
reaching out for answers before
it is covered in the colors of itself
a unique life lives patient and dormant
and watchful, the human search for food
from its parent the sun,
its sustenance the Earth.

Look at you so lonely, branching out
for something new, planted in the same ground
year after year. God didn’t make you
a restful being like the tree
waiting for companions
waiting for yourself
you, the color of every nation
finding common ground in humble conversation.


16 thoughts on “Colors of the Earth

  1. the first four lines made me see bare trees in a whole new way. and as i read those lines it occurred to me that you are also writing about people, which becomes clear in the second stanza. it is a pleasure to see how effectively you work with this duality in the poem. the last two rhyming lines provide both pleasing sound and effective closure.

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