In Search of Warmth

It is ok to fade away into sleep
when the day has been long
and your silent song
has taken a year’s caresses from my mind.
I have yet to remember a better time,
how youth sits near the memory
as a placid reputation of scandalous play.

Together we venture to revisit my body
with understanding minds,
how much it used to know of what it wanted
who it wanted to be and at what temperature.

Ah, the days remain cold,
I wrap myself in layers of this snowy Spring.
Layer on top of layer, our distance becomes greater.
Your body a forgone world,
warmth an impossible tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “In Search of Warmth

  1. for me the poem creates a wistful, haunting tone. your use of warmth and cold creates an experience the reader can literally feel. “I wrap myself in layers of this snowy Spring,” is surprising and wonderful. and the play of time: the past, present, and tomorrow, also becomes important as it leads the reader to the regret expressed in the last two lines.

    • I often feel, as maybe others may, a confused sense of time. Inner conflicts as to what we can or should hold on to from the past and when we should move forward. Living in the present is a statement I find interesting, because it doesn’t seem possible. All of our feelings are connected to our past experiences or where we are trying to get to in our tomorrows.

      As always, honored by your considerate and compassionate words!

  2. The second stanza is especially wonderful, love this line: “who it wanted to be and at what temperature.”

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