The Surface

I can find no poem here
you are hidden
though relative to the distance
between myself and meaning

tonight is vast, firm
tight and opaque
a cautious examination of what lives below

what shame that a girl’s potential
could live somewhere else
produce fire in the breath of another
man’s words

girls grow, they forget about being
about depth, bodies forming partnerships
are just ownerships, the large and the small

toss myself in a passing hurricane
they must know—
it is simply survival for us
when we comfort our men

assure them that the storm has passed
that fire has turned to ash
and what lives on the surface
without a poem
is a way to marry death.


11 thoughts on “The Surface

  1. “I can find no poem here” is a brilliant way to begin a poem. the last three lines, “and what lives on the surface/ without a poem/ is a way to marry death” are powerful. and in between you provide much to ponder.

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