I am thankful for

ignorance making words disappear
alive outside of cycles as dim abnormalities
the possibility of a fresh bloom of light
impossibility rejected
immunity from the contagious diseases that multiply graves
living ideologies that feed abstract ideas and grow food
thought left alone
resulting inspirations and cohesive vibrations
cries of children
plateau into fatigue
followed by sleep
decades followed by new beginnings
partnerships sourced in conflict
envisioning fellowship in illusion
presence captured within this obvious passage of hope
when all seems dead and gone.


7 thoughts on “I am thankful for

  1. Elusive Trope says:

    Splendid in both cadence and structure. From the very first line, my mind tried to wrap around where the poem was going. Why would someone be thankful for “ignorance making words disappear”, the mind forced to slow down to catch the intended meaning, and thus forcing the mind to linger on those facets of life and our world one would otherwise try to look away from.

    • Kate Houck says:

      Thank you for that stunning and thoughtful comment. I often don’t grasp the meaning of my own words until the end of the poem where it all comes together ๐Ÿ™‚ Much of the intended meaning is what you stated. That we must face what we ignore to understand gratitude.

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