Stages of Loyalty to the Kingdom

Our God above says we have choices here.
We have named him the Western King.
He holds his prize slightly out of reach
to see how low we’ll sink.
Our ruler manufactures pleasure
when we beg and crawl for more.
Compete he says and you will win your life—
who among you can survive without love?
Play the game and one day you may claim
the wealth of the civilized few,
a special space within our elegant race
don’t dwell on a victim or two.

Welcome to our kingdom where beauty means praise—
purchase your distorted mind here:
a life of luxury with no money down
masses of bills, but no need to count.
Still concerned about the outliers with no hope ahead?
The prisoners of poverty and pain.
Sometimes shed a tear for a child in the street?
No worries, we can erase all of their names.

Come quick, we have warned you again and again.
It is dangerous outside these walls.
The images of truth can turn you towards death.
Safety is among us, no danger, no threat.
Beware of your heart, it will get you nowhere.
Bury that spirit and soul.
The only real survivors are the ones who forget.
The ones who seek to know nothing more.
Pledge allegiance to our kingdom, its people, its land
the idols who have founded its name.
Never let your heart play a role in this game—
Where humbleness is a product the blessed ones call shame.


11 thoughts on “Stages of Loyalty to the Kingdom

  1. I love your poem… it has me thinking of all we hold important and why. The last line is so poignant, where humbleness is used as a sign of weakness… I have always believed it to be a sign of strength where love and compassion can grow.

    • I agree. I believe humbleness is a sign of strength-a benefit to ourselves and all of those around us. I pray that we can practice more of it as a society. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Have a wonderful day!

    • I appreciate your insight and understanding. So kind of you to point out the strengths you saw in the poem. Truly, there are many dark truths out there we need to start talking about more honestly. All the best, Kate

  2. I hope people don’t blindly follow others but pray for answers from God. Embracing others is how I have lived, not being exclusive. Including all who care about humanity instead. This poem may confuse some and ho p efilly they realize it is tongue in cheek. You show this particularly in the last part. Take care, Kate. ♡

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I respect your approach and hope you inspire others along that path.
      Sorry the sarcasm wasn’t that obvious at first. Sometimes the absurdity and the greed I see in this world makes me feel unsure whether to laugh or cry. Using this type of darker humor helps me deal without getting overcome by sadness and frustration.
      You can see this style in some other things I’ve written like “Voices of Black Friday” or “The Modern Woman”. Thank you for visiting. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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