I am waiting for some punctuation
a lonely period, a long lost friend with no place to go.
I would even take a comma, a division of thought
an organized list or a plan for a more predictable tomorrow.
How about a colon? A foreshadow of what is to come.
Follow the dots:
who will be saved by human decency and love
who will be doomed by hatred and fear.
No more questions marks, no more gray areas—
the answer is yes or no.
Check it off. I have created a workbook world.
Someone will end this run-on sentence
it has carried on for far too long.
A never-ending poem representing
our myriad of complexities, the ignorance
of different tomorrows moving backwards
and forwards in bursts of inspiration and grief.
I’ll take them over and over again—
still in search of a beautiful ending to this story.


6 thoughts on “Punctuation

  1. Ahh — the em dash, the elipsis … of necessity both so overused. I agree. Life SHOULD read more like the sports page (everything with a neat beginning, middle and end, than that freaking Op-Ed page. It’s just a mess!

    Nicely put.

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