For the Children of Syria

I only have words and eyes to give.
The zombies walk again.
The children roadside.
The mothers speaking only with their breath.
The woods vacant. The homes warm.
The hearts cold and the jovial brightness
of mischievous crime in October.
I only have words to give when my eyes are shut.

At the end of this month, we will put gravestones
on our lawns to entertain children with the idea of death
blood and paint and horror and candy.
Remind them of the death they will never know
outside of this quiet street. Rest in peace.
The American suburban night.


8 thoughts on “For the Children of Syria

    • Thanks Charlotte! Some things about Halloween are adorable….the kids in cute costumes and different celebrations connected to the season. But other things like the blood and gore make me uncomfortable and I think they represent how desensitized we’ve become towards death and violence.

      • I agree about your analysis with blood and gore. My daughter would usually dress up as a fairy or a princess, but I was never comfortable with dressing her up in one of those gory outfits. I told her once that death is something not to be trifled with and it is definitely not something we commercialize. I don’t think she understood though, lol, bless her little heart, but I think in her own way she kinda got it.

    • Thank you for reading, sharing your thoughts and understanding the parallel I was trying to create. With so much death and suffering happening around the world, it’s hard for me to see people making light of it.

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