Inevitable Hibernation

The sun rises and falls with a certain repetitive grace
these days. The darkness disappearing with the recollection
of dreams and entering once again from the outskirts of our
minds’ secrets.
Today there will be perfect harmony of day and night.
The fall descending soon after, bringing with it visions
of vibrant and energetic color.
I ask with humble presence to capture this majesty.
Give me periodic gentle reminders, the marriage of image and thought.
Give me visions of color, as my mind must hibernate through winter.
Let me trust in the possibilities of rebirth.


16 thoughts on “Inevitable Hibernation

  1. Cheryl Racanelli says:

    This is a beautiful poem for the equinox! I love the “perfect harmony of day and night.” The last two lines close the poem so well. Winter is definitely not my favorite season. It’s so hard to let go of summer, but your poem offers a sense of grace through this necessary, and important season of hibernation and preparation for rebirth. Lovely.

    • Kate Houck says:

      Thank you, Cheryl! So wonderful to hear from you! Writing often helps me remember that there are benefits and reasons behind hardship, whether personally or through the changing of seasons 🙂

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