Sex Dreams about Julio Iglesias

She ate nothing without remembering
the presence of her mouth and the
absence of sad stories, why everything
should be known as it should be heard         with laughter.
A meditation on the past was letting it rise
like fire to the mind, howling with the coyotes, a ramble
naked on the porch, the night bringing silence
so reliable                  the fall of the sun, the presence of the crescent moon.
Only stars are bodies too far to embody possibilities
silhouettes multiplying to silence other voices
to wilt the mind this water is not enough
for my cheeks to bare, and your dreams no longer
rally in song                  another sex dream, I know, the same one
from the night before in a slightly different form.
We pass on habits, the women of my family
seeping moments into dreams, singing songs
of understanding in bellows of joke and the cackles
only wild animals dare to match. Were you unable to find words
in your last days? We remember so many from before.


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