See you in a month!

Dear fellow bloggers and friends,

I will be traveling abroad for a month and will have limited access to the Internet. I will miss corresponding with you during that time, reading your beautiful writing and enjoying your engaging posts.

Leaving with these thoughts in mind….

May we capture the moments
that flow so freely across
the uncertain boundaries of
time. Those that can never
be had again, something
lost into something new.
A state of welcome instead
of the pronouncement of
goodbye. Let it be the
attitude of self that tomorrow
will bring answers never
before understood, now abundant
and clear. May the sun rise
in tribute to those who need
its warmth and may the
shade remain as shelter for
those in search of light.

Much love, Kate


15 thoughts on “See you in a month!

    • Thank you! I’m planning to write in a journal while traveling and record, hopefully, many memories πŸ™‚ Looking forward to sharing those with you and catching up with your writing upon return….

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