Obama Sings “Amazing Grace”

Glory how this voice resonates through my ears.
Speak of hope.
Glory. Speak of glory.
The heavenly bodies rise in ascension.
Grace. Speak of life.
Speak of time. Speak of resurrection.
We will bring forth justice.
Speak of time and its limits.
I will fall forward for you. The one who harnesses my energy.
And helps me break through. I will speak of you.
I will praise you and where you have brought us.
Nowhere. I will speak of lies.
Help me negotiate these fresh mornings.
I will speak of you. How is your life?
Are we all caught up? Have you seen us through.
I will speak of you.
God damn.         I have caught the truth.
Let this fresh morning break through.
When bombs were set forth,
Did your fresh morning break through?
Or did your flowers wilt.
I will speak of you. And how we
We certainly do         fall forward in these lost moments.
I catch you. Bury words from other places.
How easily we forget what we knew.
Often misguided by the presence of a song.
Let the truth ring through.
How many bodies have you lifted to heaven today?
Fall as we speak of grace. Fall as we speak of you.
How easily I do it too. Fall for these misguided truths.
Forget the powerful, the hypocritical, the hard choices
I would never want to make in the fresh air of this façade
of safety, your colorblind country.
Isn’t it enough to forget? To hold onto hope,
Not to know you, believe my soil is holy
and the ground is pure, that you will make it so,
sanitize it, clean the fresh blood for just today        a single day.
Eulogize the lost. I don’t know the truth.
Just for a moment          I don’t want to know.


10 thoughts on “Obama Sings “Amazing Grace”

    • Kate Houck says:

      Most likely 🙂 I was expressing my own confusion over the drama and hope expressed in the eulogy yesterday along with the reality that little may change to lessen the death toll home and abroad. Or maybe this too will pass 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Juan!

    • Kate Houck says:

      Thank you. That’s an awesome compliment. I really appreciate it. I know…such a complex moment. I heard he signed an executive order the same day that killed at least 30 civilians. At the same time, he is such a dynamic speaker who has achieved a lot of positive when it comes to domestic policy. Hoping and writing for peace! Much love to you….

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