My faith has become present in question.

I have asked the Causer of Causes

why the beauty of Spring seems to appear in random manifestations.

Today, a white magnolia was not awake in the morning, but arose in inexplicable beauty on the height of the afternoon. All that lived and took breath within our urban plantation took notice. She, so stoic, so crisp, so welcoming, her feet must have cleared the sky of clouds. We became reckless, bodies inspired by her life, raised arms directing submission towards the sun, another Spring, another timeless moment, mysterious, damp, caroling to our knees, humble in intensified glory, present in questions, answered in pleasure. Alive, awakened

if only for the sake of us.


About Kate Houck

Educator. Human. Poet. Seeking truth through experience.
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12 Responses to Magnolia

  1. hakeem says:

    I really enjoyed this!

  2. Geo Sans says:


  3. sheldonk2014 says:

    I love how you enhanced life,great piece,just dropped by to say hello
    Thank you for visiting
    As always Sheldon

  4. Rob Taylor says:

    Beautifully constructed flow of imagination….very nice, Kate….

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