The Replacements

Celestial magic, the sun, the Earth,
the moon and those who
watch the world in humble thought,
there is no strength in haste, no understanding in fear.
Buds will form, and in innocent hope, we welcome
their final emergence in hopeless abandon,
the transient travel of snow to lower depths,
shards of symbolism, the cyclical reminders of our birth
the inevitable recognition                    the coming of our deaths
the replacements, weighed on a scored scale, our next generation.

What do we know, if only what we don’t of this world,
those who determine the score, demand justice in the face
of this infinite progression of hate,
bring death to the only ones left who know life.
I understand more than I like.
There are no replacements, only more strife.
The cycle continues and again, we forget the seasons.


17 thoughts on “The Replacements

  1. mike7sedona says:

    ‘The cycle continues and again, we forget the seasons’, and with that life begins anew forcing generations to experience the same fate – thank God the world’s bound to end sometime putting an end to this infinite progression of hate and death, hopefully!

    • Kate Houck says:

      Quite true. I’m sure it’s bound to end sometime. But maybe we should do our best to make it a better place while we’re still here 🙂

      Thanks for the thought provoking comment!

      • mike7sedona says:

        You’re welcome! You are right, we are all duty bound to do our best to make it a better place while we’re still here so that the coming generations find it a relief and get inspired to continue the good work – thank you! :))

  2. Jeff Nguyen says:

    This is really well done, Kate. It is thought provoking and enigmatic at the same time. The cyclical nature of things is fascinating to consider and behold,

  3. Tom Clausen says:

    Really like this for many of the reasons mentioned by others who have made great comments… and this line stood out for me too:
    “I understand more than I like”
    it speaks so poignantly for all of us here in this human state where we can know so much yet sometimes might prefer to know a little less!

    • Kate Houck says:

      Hi Tom, Thanks so much for your thoughtful words and for taking the time to read the insights from other readers. I agree…what an interesting state we are in as humans, especially these days, bombarded with so many disturbing realities. I guess it’s what we do with the awareness that counts. Thanks again 🙂 Kate

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