Knowing the Other

Some are extinct and
others have become many.
White light and pale maroon.
A blank space between the window and the day.
We resurrect the many without tears.
Ponder the unsteady bridge in silence.
You enable the stillness, perpetuate the wait.
The journey now ended without a crossing.
The time and the mind writing in darkness.
Resurrect my day and night, the fire of each star.
I see the empty thought, unearth the fossilized heart.
Watch the masses masturbate life, their minutes passing.
Are we no more?
The gray matter of the dawn and the dusk.
The spaces in between.
Only the enemies of ourselves.


About Kate Houck

Educator. Human. Poet. Seeking truth through experience.
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14 Responses to Knowing the Other

  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    Ethereal and substantive. Great use of imagery and really well done, Kate.

  2. I love this poem. It has some of the same qualities as Linda Gregg’s early work, which is not to say it’s derivative by any means. It isn’t.

  3. I really like “A blank space between the window and the day.”
    and the ending. We are our worst enemy.

    Lovely, K.

  4. narble says:

    “The spaces in between.” Yes. Seeking there can find rich veins.

  5. Geo Sans says:

    I’m pondering subtle differences
    knowing and understanding

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