Breakfast with My Son (Age 10)

I watch him, too.
How are you life all on your own?
Where the water breaks and the light enters.
What a curious misunderstanding of the meaning
of justice and warmth. I have given you
place here. Let me watch without
words, the pensive profile may be
etched in the sky for all I care.
Let it not be lost, oh so faraway,
forest of forgotten memories              so much forgotten
the visual, the audial, our platonic sensuality,
our mirage, our past life,
my motherhood, your childhood.
The essence of thought and the break.
The simplicity of breath without air.
You give me half of your food in offering.
You give thanks.
I will eat slowly.
This memory.


23 thoughts on “Breakfast with My Son (Age 10)

  1. I remember those moments, my children’s mid-childhood, where you realize ten years have gone, and along with them the memory of what your child looked like and sounded like and moved like each day. Where does the time go? You’ve captured the wonder and poignancy. Beautiful.

    • I know, Cheryl! And I feel it so intensely this year. That there is some dramatic transition going on in his life and I am grasping at moments not to forget him as a child. At the same time, what a wonderful age! He still has the innocence of a child but approaches things with such maturity. Thank you for your thoughtful comment and making a connection to your own experience. It is what gives writing purpose and life. Much love 🙂

    • Diana, thanks! I’m hoping the poems about my kids are the best way (besides photos) to capture the emotions and feelings of these times. Honored by your kind words…Much love, Kate

  2. Today is my son’s 23rd birthday. Your poem brought back memories and it seems fitting that I should read this today! The time goes by quickly, but the memories do last, even if bittersweet.The child has been replaced by a man, and a fine one at that. May you be likewise blessed, Kate. 🙂

    • Happy 23rd birthday to your son! I’m so happy the poem brought back some of your memories and it is encouraging to know that we are able to hold onto these special moments in our minds. I am in no way surprised that you raised a fine man, Eliza 🙂 Thank you for your touching thoughts and inspiring example.

  3. I was just thinking the other day I haven’t seen you, I hope everything is ok,and all is well with you and yours,I have a busy morning but I well be back later on to see what you have been you to

    • Thanks Sheldon for the kind thoughts. Been super busy with work and family this past week. Hoping to delve back into the world of writing and blogging very soon. Much love, Kate

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