Warmer Days

We have and we trust
and live in the warmth
of this and every season.
And we are not the bird
the created being of escapist
migration, the seekers of
mischief in humidity and
style. Oh humans, oh builders,
sustainers of dignity and pride,
on this day there is cold
and it is bitter, extreme sensation
awake on the mind questions erupt
from frigid realities
skins and difficult answers that
live and die outside our doors.

The snowbirds frolic
in aged ecstasy
until their dying days.
Dance in flocks
of heightened pleasure.
Travel south
for what you continue
to leave behind.
Life originated outside our doors
what is at our feet
what must be covered before we fly
spread survival,
streets, their children
the origins of our neighbors,
we are entitled by escape,
the unfortunate circumstances of humanity
that can only awake in the cold.

Fly away if you must
find new homes and warmer places,
in green, the lizards will scatter at your feet.
Warmer death is only for some.


15 thoughts on “Warmer Days

  1. I love this poem. The lines,

    from frigid realities
    skins and difficult answers that
    live and die outside our doors.

    are brilliant. This is wonderful eco-poetry that ties up well with existentialism. You are talented as always Kate 🙂

  2. thank you for visiting me, I was just thinking about where you’ve been, this wordpress things is not an exact science, there are a lot of great images that you present, lots to think about after I read, I will have to definitely read this one again
    As always Sheldon

    • Thank you for commenting, Sheldon. I’m so glad there’s been a reconnection! I, too, have trouble with wordpress and can’t figure out why I don’t see posts from certain blogs I’m following. All the best to you and looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

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