The Beauty of Doubt

I am walking ahead of myself
in some penchant mystery
so he tells me at an intersection
of sorts that events unknown to us
have reasons
that the future has a path of its own
that our progeny will take their place
among the cosmos
and we will take our place among their shadows
because this is the right way of things
and this is the way of time
and time is the way of life
and life is the way of death
that destiny will capture us with ease
and that these spiritual truths are meant to appease.

Living in your mouth these days,
I am on the edge of my ears.
I can never enter time here.
Never shorten my breath.
We take the class to fail the test and never rest among the shadows.
My tongue flutters in anxious sympathy,
for the one who needs nothing but peace of mind.


About Kate Houck

Educator. Human. Poet. Seeking truth through experience.
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11 Responses to The Beauty of Doubt

  1. Excellent poem. Thank you, I enjoyed it.

  2. Geo Sans says:

    during transitions
    give and take
    losing ourselves

  3. AB says:

    the beauty, charm, enchantment
    of doubt has got you this far
    don’t stop, don’t give up
    universe will float afar
    try to reach, that small twinkling
    star, super nova, perhaps an inkling
    of a new galaxy, where your dreams
    even shattered ones, reside, scream
    for redemption, and peace of soul
    contraction of self into a black hole
    let it happen, what else nature could do
    let it rip you apart, let it through,
    once each shred of you subsumed, consumed
    in the fabric of nothingness, assurance will rise
    certainty will surmise,
    that, you existed and that my dear is enough
    for me and for the love shared

  4. Kate Houck says:

    These words are intensely beautiful. Thank you!

  5. globalunison says:

    You are a very talented writer, Kate 🙂 I enjoyed this a lot.

    Kind Regards,

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