Carol’s Cottages

Eighty-seven years continue on the crest of this lake
majestic kindness floats among her memories
we rest here as guests
where resident trees
recognize only their keeper.

It was another time for lovers
for whom the bell tolls
she, the Carol of this land
the gatekeeper of this forest
before us lives the matriarch
and the children she harnessed above the trees.

They return to breathe
they return to breathe life into these mountains
and paint the crescent moon
bright white against the sky
under snow, bright white
where the wounds are healing.

She, the collector of children
without the womb
a mother to those who return again
to grow, can it be so
that it takes a lifetime to recognize greatness
that this poem must exist as tribute
before the coming of death.

As the Carol roams, the paths of day and night
instill yet another breath into the mountains
open the door to yet another child
breathe life into the trees
breathe life into my own.


8 thoughts on “Carol’s Cottages

    • Good question. I hope she will. She is almost 90 and I doubt she uses the Internet 🙂 I met her briefly over a weekend, but was so moved by her aura and life story that I wrote this. I plan to share it with her upon our second visit next summer.

      Thanks for reading. All the best!

      • My 91 year old Dad does use the interenet. But even he finds it too impersonal for the personal:-) Such as your thoughtful poem.

        Have you thought about printing it out in easily visible print and mailing snail mail? … Just in case she has health problems before you can get back? Winter is hard on Old Folks. February is when most people die, Sometimes just from the tedium of waiting. A poem like yours, can tide someone over quite a long lonesome, difficult spell. But only if it is available to hold in their hands. E-Mail isn’t tangible enough. It really takes someone with special insight to see the beauty that you see in the aged. Just some thoughts.

  1. These are wonderful thoughts and suggestions. We are not close friends or family, so I feel somewhat shy sharing it with her, not face to face. But I will definitely consider it after you expressed how it may bring her comfort and solace during difficult times.

    Also, if you get a chance, here is another poem I wrote with a focus on aging

    Looking forward to reading your posts and hearing more of your thoughts in the future…

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