Claim Your Book

History becomes us when we are silent.
Whispers echo from beneath the ground.
Rubble falls from high above us without the slightest sound.
Beware my precious people, my lovers of humankind.
The oppressed have been reborn the oppressors.
They own the letters you have yet to write.
Your pen was meant to flow with love,
While your ink is turning dry.
Tell those who paint your borders—
They cannot own what they are too scared to stand by.
Don’t be fooled by this aura of fear.
We are walking like zombies into the next lie.
The narrative you create must belong to you,
To the love you profess for humankind.
Come to my world, to the children in my life.
Take a long, deep look into their eyes.
Their blood flows with the ancestry
of the Christian and the Jew,
the Muslim and the Lover combined.
I hand them the pen, the page to our world.
I give them a new story to write.
May it finally be enough, may it finally be the time,
To give history the freedom of voice.


8 thoughts on “Claim Your Book

  1. excelsizeus says:

    I feel like poetry is one of the ways of claiming back language. It is being so badly abused at the moment, I am surprised people accept it at all.

    • Kate Houck says:

      Truly and it taps into the core essence of our humanity…both the experience of reading it and writing it. Maybe by sharing the poetry we love, we can help reclaim that beautiful, rich and meaningful language.

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