This Little Girl of Mine

What are little girls made of?
The ingredients are a mystery.
It is more than sugar and spice.
It is more than everything nice.
It is many voices, many lives.
Who live inside this girl of mine.

She can stroll by with her silent gait.
Wide eyes and a pleasant gaze.
The gentlest smile and the softest face.
Rest against my chest with her loving embrace.

Then her fury can rage from so deep inside.
I assume she has set her eyes on the prize.
To send her mother to the edge of her mind.
But there are so many voices, so many lives.
Living inside this girl of mine.
She regains my heart with a treasure handmade.
Placing it on my palm with that pleasant gaze.

Today, this little girl is the source of my pride.
She climbs higher and higher, leaving the big boys behind.
The park is her jungle. She rules like a queen.
You are made of royalty, I do secede.
Rule the world and I promise you, my sweet…
I will feed the ground with your sugar and spice.
I live inside this little girl of mine.


About Kate Houck

Educator. Human. Poet. Seeking truth through experience.
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12 Responses to This Little Girl of Mine

  1. Just want to bathe in these words! You captured it perfectly… Thanks for sending me here and yes, what a lovely coincidence.

  2. After reading your poem, I suddenly missed my little girl. It’s true isn’t it? We relive our lives through the lives of our daughters.

  3. charlypriest says:

    Well Kate, I´m sure glad that girl of yours so nicely written and portrayed in this poem has stumbled upon my crazy un paid blog.

  4. Beautiful and tender ode to little girls (and boys). It has an ethereal quality where I wasn’t sure if this was a daughter or inner child. From the comments, I gather she’s your daughter, but could easily describe our inner child. Thanks.

  5. Writer's Dream says:

    I have a son but your poem brought me to tears for the little one inside of me. Your mother’s love is divine. What a blessed little girl!!

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