Your Eyes

We are in the midst of what lies in mystery.
We are in a world of what remains unknown.
Some of us question, some of us laugh,
Some of us learn and some of us pass.

The present is our feet in one simple place.
The future is our bodies moving to an unknown fate.
The past can only beckon from oh so far away.
It creeps upon the mystery, distorts the hope in place.

Will we ever win the war of this battle raging inside?
Ones being pulled from past to present.
The future of fear on the outside.
Let us be the ones who step to cross the divide.
Let us see the others waiting on the other side.

The bridge to understanding is to see ourselves in other’s eyes.
The look of love. The heart of self.
The touch of yours. The truth of life.
The safety of our future in one another’s sight.


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