The Poet’s Journey

This is the place to be
when none other is right.
The poet rests her head on the page
bringing justice to her voice.

When no other soul will listen
and the lords of small talk speak,
I will rest my head in the shadow of my hand
and tell the story of this world within me.

When time flows by in currents
or rests weary by the shore,
we’ll grab the minutes by the hour
and spread letters from our mouths to your world.

From the beginning of time to the timeless end.
From birth to glory and inevitable death.
The duty is to find peace within the body’s echoed song.
Release the inspiration that lies aching in our bones.

Write for the Earth who sustains your breath.
Write for the hearts who cry lonely in their beds.
Write for the children who need justice in their lives.
Write simply for passion you can no longer hide.

When your words belong to others,
it is then they may understand
the true lesson of these lines.
Deep within them, also rests a poet inside.


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