For Papa and O.P.

Oscar Peterson playing “I Got it Bad and That Ain’t Good”
was the wrong choice this morning
a reminder of the age of this house
and my body
and the age of death that fell upon his lap
my grandfather rolling across the steam of a morning boil
his struggles are of another time, suspended
in waves above my head, somewhat like these notes
that I can choose to pause and ponder
but never understand, completely
is never to be said about life
or mornings
or choices that come with sterile answers
dry in the mouth and coarse like salt, rubbing against your cheeks
my grandfather
he brought sound to himself when there was none
he loved it, without food or shelter
till there was
I eat because of him
I choose sterile answers to live
music plays above my head and breaks the sterility in the air
Oscar plays again
we all got it real good now.


2 thoughts on “For Papa and O.P.

  1. I love this, I can tell that it comes from a deep place within you. Those are always my favorite poems. Thank you for sharing it with me, Kate. Peace. ~ Michael

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