Having spent time in the envy of simplicity.
You are a beauty I wish to know.
Come. Child of the inner circle.
Come. Bringer of tidings bright.
Naïve are the minds stepping forward.
Though present in the presence of light.

Couple. I watch you dancing. Bathing chest to chest.
Woman. I watch you resting. Pressing baby to breast.
Family. I watch you eating. Sharing the meal of the day.
Teacher. I watch you teaching. Giving your knowledge away.
Man. I watch you ruling. Forgetting your heart on your sleeve.
People. You must be listening. Or, do your smiles deceive?

Soldiers of peace and simplicity.
Battle this abyss to life.
I’ve spent enough time drowning in complexity.
You are a burden I can no longer bear.

Bring here the clear light of day.
Bring here the child from inside.
Bring here the greatest prize—
The emptiness of the mind.


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