Harmony of Truth


Time came with the birds this morning.
The light gave them permission to speak.
And they told us to wait for the answer,
From the quiet voice of Spring.
Oh, harmony of the gathering.
Oh, life of the voice.
When you come together on these mornings,
You remind us only of choice.
And then we question whether to open the door,
And let our voices sing.
Should we let the pain of Winter be known?
And welcome the reminder of Spring?
Where are the signs of life?
They are in the thawing of our pain.
If we are quiet, if we are listening,
Our birds will surely sing.
They know when our ears are open.
They were waiting patiently for us, too.
Our ears are what give them the power,
And they are reminded of the truth.
On this morning, I felt you listening.
I felt your strength with mine.
For, I watched the singers gather,
And I watched these birds take flight.
The power of their unison will surely change the world.
Just listen quietly, they are singing.
Their harmony is our truth.


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