Answer Unknown

What do I tell them?
All of these children.
They ask.
Why do I love amongst this pleasure?
My road is paved with the same dense tar.
My table is set for breakfast in bed.
And the door opens at my voice.
It closes with my eyes.

They will ask me, I think.                 
All of these children.
When they cannot feel.
When they, the cars made of same color,
On road that no longer turns.

And me, myself?
What do I ask myself on that day?
When the path is empty.
And the finish line ends with a cliff.
Steep. I will tell them.
This is the truth.
We are all ignorant of what is below.


2 thoughts on “Answer Unknown

  1. Hi! Thank you! Basically, I was thinking about the impact technology will have on the younger generation and how it is changing who we are as human beings, even how it has changed me. Concluding with the reality that we don’t really know what the future will hold.

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