mama waits at low tide

we raised you up in celebration
at your birth

lifted you naked
in wails between grins
the title band of curves and the absence of sin

one by one
the outsiders arrived
hungry eyes in your belly
empty hands on your mind

fondle the breast of mother
but spoon the milk from them
touch, tumble, fall and learn
stand and swim again

the ocean has seemed to take you these days
and the sand has disappeared
the boat you ride
is a speckle on the horizon

stand and swim again


About Kate Houck

Educator. Human. Poet. Seeking truth through experience.
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4 Responses to mama waits at low tide

  1. borncarmona says:

    The murky water will clear up and once again the soul depletes with nourishment that life will provide.

  2. katehouck3 says:

    Beautiful and connects perfectly. Are they your words?

  3. borncarmona says:

    Yes, but the auto correct changed replete for deplete. So it’s …the soul repletes with nourishment that life will provide.

  4. katehouck3 says:

    Even more perfect 🙂 And from the clear water, the reeds will grow reaching the sky with only what the soul can know.

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