The Return


We are from the Soul and to the Soul we will return.

In the beginning, there was one soul, one life
one body unknown by place or direction
one body the giver of life
the body divided and the body apart
became the souls of the slaves of the Earth
of the beacons of life and the givers of love
and the takers of kindness and the planets above

and the takers of kindness were blessed with the Earth
flushed with water for Heaven and birth
born and sculpted by the clay of our ground
by the mercy and the breath of our blessed sounds
and we rose one by one from the ancestors before
and we walked to our lovers, placed our bodies on the floor

and the scent of the known and the scent of the lost
became a jungle of passion for the followers of grace
and the dancers of lust and the singers of love
became the glory and the envy of the seekers of faith
the seekers of oneness became the seekers of love
the seekers of kindness became the humbled and sold

oh my seekers, the journey is done
the climax of pleasure has become the oneness of love
take shelter in your mercy and bathe in your light
the original soul has joined you tonight.


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